Listed below is a selection of useful organisations and resources for those researching parliaments and legislatures. Please get in touch if you would like to add a resource to this page.


Agora (Parliamentary Development Portal)

Broadcasting of parliaments – links to broadcasters specialised on parliament, in Europe and elsewhere (BBC Democracy Live)

Canadian Study of Parliament Group (includes access to Publications)

Centre for Democratic Engagement (University of Leeds)

Constitution Unit (University College London)

Democracy Live (BBC)

ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments

Elections, Public Opinion and Parties Specialist Group (EPOP)

European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation

Global Research Network on Parliaments and People (SOAS University of London, University of Leeds, and the Hansard Society in the UK; JNU in India; the Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation in Myanmar; and the Forum for Social Studies in Ethiopia)

Global Partners Governance

Hansard Society

Institute for Government

Inter Parliamentary Union

PADEMIA – Erasmus Academic Network on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe

Parliament Book – a website that offers 360 degree views of legislatures across the world

Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (IPSA)

Revolts – Phil Cowley and Mark Stuart’s Research on Parliament (University of Nottingham)

Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)

Study of Parliament Group

Reports and Databases

Audit of Political Engagement (Hansard Society)

PARLINE Database on National Parliaments (Inter-Parliamentary Union)

Parliament and Constitution Centre (UK House of Commons library’s work on Parliament and the Constitution)

Parliamentary Monitor (Institute for Government)

Research Briefings (briefings from the libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords, UK)

Research Impact at the UK Parliament (Research impact hub for the Westminster Parliament) – see also the Knowledge Exchange Unit on Twitter: @UKParl_Research 

Teaching Resources

Exploring Parliament textbook and Online Resources

Parliament as a Teaching Resource: A Guide for Lecturers

Applying Parliamentary Resources in Teaching: Case Study Portfolio

Film resources on the UK Parliament (Videos and transcripts on wide range of topics by experts from within UK Parliament)

Referencing Parliamentary Material: A Guide for Students and Lecturers

Resources for Universities (UK Parliament)