PSA 2018 Wednesday 28 March

PSA 2018 Specialist Group on Parliaments panels: Wednesday 28 March

Please also join us for our Specialist Group AGM during the lunch break (12.30-13.30) on Wednesday 28 March in Room C City Hall.

For our full list of panels across the conference, take a look at our PSA18 page.

Day 3, Wednesday 28th March

PANEL SESSION 7  09:00 – 10:30

Accountability and Scrutiny in Parliaments

Room B, City Hall

Chair: Ms Alexandra Meakin (University of Sheffield)

Professor Hugh Bochel (University of Lincoln), Anouk Berthier (The Scottish Parliament) Committee Witnesses: Evidence, Diversity and Representation

Dr Danielle Beswick (University of Birmingham), Dr Mattias Hjort (University of Birmingham) Getting Beyond the ‘Usual Suspects’? Exploring Two Decades of Witness Engagement with the International Development Select Committee

Thomas Caygill (Newcastle University) A Tale of Two Houses: Post-Legislative Scrutiny in the UK Parliament

Dr David Parker (Montana State University), Jessie Munson (Montana State University) Adversarial or Not? Question Time as a Window into Institutional and Electoral Incentives in Holyrood and Westminster

Sean Haughey (University of Liverpool) Scrutiny and Consociational Government: Parliamentary Questions in the Northern Ireland Assembly


PANEL SESSION 8  11:00 – 12:30

Parliamentary Representation and Engagement

Room C, City Hall

Chair: Awaiting Details

Isabele Mitozo (Federal University of Parana) Parliamentary Representation Meets Online Mechanisms for Public Engagement: The Interaction Quality Index

Alex Prior (University of Leeds) Exploring Storytelling as a Parliamentary Means for Strengthening Political Engagement

Wang Leung Ting (London School of Economics) Local Hero Goes to Westminster: The Representative Effect of Electing a Local MP

Pavielle Haines (Princeton University), Dr David Parker (Montana State University) All Politics is Local, Not Regional: How Mixed Member Proportional Representation Generates Informational Asymmetries Among Constituents


PANEL SESSION 9 13:30 – 15:00

Convergence and Divergence in the UK’s Parliaments

Room D, City Hall

Chair: Professor Emma Crewe (SOAS University of London)

Dr Paul Thomas (Carleton University) Convergent Evolution? Commonality and Divergence Among the All-Party Group Systems in the United Kingdom’s Devolved Assemblies

David Southgate (University of Surrey), Dr Louise Thompson (University of Surrey) Explaining the Scottish National Party’s Strength as an Outgroup at Westminster: Public and Legislator Links

Dr Richard Whitaker (University of Leicester), Dr Philip Lynch (University of Leicester), Professor Adam Cygan (University of Leicester) Parties, Parliament and the Brexit Process: Contestation and Division in Parliament

Andrew Jones (University of Leicester) A Question of Scrutiny: The Use of Parliamentary Questions in Managing Coalition Government in the House of Lords


PANEL SESSION 10        15:30 – 17:00

Enhancing Parliamentary Democracies

Room A, City Hall

Chair: Dr Marc Geddes (University of Edinburgh)

Professor Emma Crewe (SOAS University of London) Supporting Research on Parliaments and People in Politically Fragile States

Dr Susan Dodsworth (University of Birmingham), Professor Nic Cheeseman (Birmingham University) Defending Democracy: When Do Parliaments Resist Restrictive Civil Society Laws?

Dr Paul Thomas (Carleton University) Comparing the Performance of Canada’s Provincial Legislatures