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This directory was lasted updated on 24 April 2017.

Surname First name Institution Email Research interests
Adiputri Ratih University of Jyväskylä, Finland ratih.adiputri[at]
Local parliament; parliamentary culture; Indonesian (parliament) studies; parliament/legislative empowerment
Ahmad Nyarwi Bournemouth University nahmad[at]bournemouth
Ahmed Nizam University of Chittagong, Bangladesh nijamuddin_ahmed[at]
Legislative Behaviour; Central-Local Relations; Comparative Bureaucracy; Politics of South Asia
Akirav Osnat Western Galilee College osnatak[at]bezeqint
Legislative studies, setting the agenda of government, election studies, research methods, the Israeli political system, local government studies, gender and politics, minorities and politics.
AL-ODAT Abdelsalam University of Hull A.M.ALODAT[at]2013
Political reform; parliamentary issues
Allen Nicholas nicholas.allen[at]rhul
Allen Peter Queen Mary, London p[dot]allen
Representation; Political professionalization; Gender and politics; Political behaviour
Allmark Liam liam.allmark[at]Hotmail
Legislatures in non-democratic states; Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (Burma/Myanmar); UK Parliament; Pressure groups and legislatures
Amery Fran ameryfc[at]gmail
Andreadis Ioannis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki johnandsci[at]gmail
Elections; Voting Behaviour; Candidates and MPs; Voting Advice Applications; Web surveys
Andrews Leighton Cardiff Business School




Devolution, especially governments; Media Policy; Education.


Armitage Faith faith.armitage[at]gmail
Arter David david.arter[at]uta[dot]fi
Atkins Judith University of Coventry judi.atkins[at]Coventry
Rhetoric, ideology, political leadership, British politics
Badanjak Sanja University of Wisconsin – Madison, visiting scholar at Cardiff University Centre for European Law and Governance badanjak[at]wisc[dot]edu parties, coalitions, Europeanization, party systems
Baimbridge Mark m.j.baimbridge[at]
Bale Tim QMU t.bale[at]qmul
Parliamentary Parties; Teaching parliamentary studies
Bates Stephen University of Birmingham s.r.bates[at]bham
Power, political agency & change; Select Committees; Prime Minister’s Questions; Parliamentary agenda setting
Baumann Markus Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), University of Mannheim mbaumann[at]
Parliamentary Behaviour; Intra-party Politics; Representation
Baxter Graeme Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen g.baxter[at]rgu
Public information provision by parliament; Information provision and communication within parliaments; The use of the Internet for information provision and exchange by parliamentary candidates
Begum Neema Bristol University Neema[dot]begum
Race and immigration in British Politics;  Ethnic Minority Political Engagement;  Sex, Gender and Politics;  European Populist Parties;  Politics of Climate Change
Bekatoros George  – geb00009[at]students
Belchior Ana Maria ISCTE-IUL, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa ana.belchior[at]
Representation (roles, congruence); Public opinion ; Democracy (support for, quality of); Political perceptions (of voters and MPs)
Bellamy Richard UCL/ EUI richard.bellamy[at]
Parliaments in the EU
Bender David University of Hull djb.thirteen[at]
Trust; Engagement; Parliament Relationship with Citizens; Electoral Politics; Methods
Benedetto Giacomo Royal Holloway giacomo.benedetto[at]
Comparative Legislative Politics; European Parliament; Budget policy and budget-making
Bennister Mark Canterbury Christ Church University mark.bennister[at]
Prime Ministers; Political Leadership; Rhetoric and Oratory; Parliament – Accountability and Scrutiny; Comparative Politics – especially UK/Australia
Blackbourn Jessie University of Oxford Jessie[dot]blackbourn
Independent reviewers; Parliamentary oversight mechanisms; Anti-terrorism laws
Bochel Hugh University of Lincoln hbochel[at]lincoln[dot]
Parliament and social policy; Parliamentary oversight of intelligence; Policy making and implementation; The politics of social policy
Bochel Catherine University of Lincoln cbochel[at]lincoln[dot]
The policy process; Petitions systems; Participation
Boucek Francoise f.boucek[at]qmul[dot]
Brack Nathalie nbrack[at]ulb[dot]ac
Brazier Alex Global Partners alexb[at]global-partners
Bridges Lee House of Commons Bridgesl[at]parliament
Parliamentary reputations; Engagement with citizens; Political communication
Burns Charlotte University of York charlotte.burns[at]
Burton Matthew University of Bristol Matthew[dot]burton
Human rights, comparative constitutional law, select committees, constitutional theory, representation
Cairney Paul Division of History and Politics, University of Stirling p.a.cairney[at]stir
Public policy, Policy theory, UK, Scotland, Devolution
Campbell Rosie Birkbeck, University of London r.campbell[at]bbk
Political representation, participation, political careers, gender and politics, election candidates.
Campos Milagros Pontificia Universidad Católica Del Perú Milagros.campos[at]pucp[dot]pe Parliamentary groups, political parties behavior in parliaments, party discipline, systems of government, presidents and parliaments, oversight.
Campos-Domínguez Eva University of Valladolid eva.campos[at]
Parliament Communication on Internet; ICTs and Parliament
Carman Chris University of Glasgow Christopher.Carman[at]
Caygill Thomas Newcastle University t.r.caygill[at]Newcastle
The Legislative Process; Pre/Post-Legislative Scrutiny; Parliamentary Scrutiny; UK Parliament
Chao Chien-min Graduate Institute for Sun Yat-sen Thoughts and Mainland China Studies emchao[at]nccu
China’s National People’s Congress; Chinese politics; Taiwan/China Relations
Chavezaguayo Marco marco[at]chavezaguayo
Chen Wenbo Beihang University Wenbo[dot]chen
[dot]cn /  chenwenbo21[at]
Chinese Parliament; Executive-legislative relations
Childs Sarah University of Bristol s.childs[at]bristol
Chiva Cristina University of Salford Manchester c.chiva[at]salford
Legislative politics; Women’s representation in politics; Central and Eastern Europe; Comparative politics; Feminist political theory
Clark Alistair Newcastle University alistair.clark[at]
Parliamentary engagement and scrutiny; Political party organisation; Electoral integrity; Party systems; Devolved/regional politics in the UK
Connon Emily Perth Grammar School, Perth and Kinross gw13connonemily
Scottish Parliament and Disability Politics in devolved countries; American Government – the role of the executive
Convery Alan University of Edinburgh Alan.Convery[at]
Legislatures; Scottish Parliament; Scottish politics; British politics
Cooper Ian University of Cambridge Lc31[at]cam[dot]
Legislatures; Political parties: Electoral behaviour: Identity politics: African politics
Cotter Leanne-Marie University of Sheffield l.cotter[at]sheffield
Executive-legislative relations; Scrutiny, accountability and transparency; Arm’s length bodies reform; Committee;  Public Appointments
Cowley Phil University of Nottingham philip.cowley[at]
Cohesion; MPs; Constituency work; Parliamentary reform
Crisp Brian Washington University in St. Louis crisp[at]wustl[dot]edu Legislative Politics; Electoral Systems; Interbranch Relations in Presidential Systems; Latin America (but not exclusively)
Crompton Adrian National Assembly of Wales Adrian[dot]
Dafydd Einion Cardiff University dafydde2[at]cardiff
Legislative Behaviour; Party Cohesion and Discipline; Political Representation; Political Parties
Damiani Roberta UCL r.damiani[at]ucl[dot]ac[dot]uk Parliaments and bicameralism; Comparative politics; Italian politics
Daniels Stephen University of Liverpool s.daniels[at]liverpool[dot]ac[dot]uk Conservative Party, trade unions
Darfour Ernest University of Hull e.darfour[at]gmail
Legislatures and parliamentary institutions in africa; democratization; comparative legislatures; regional parliamentary institutions
Davis Fergal University of New South Wales, Australia f.davis[at]unsw[dot]
Political Party Cohesion and Dissent; Political Rights Review; ‘New Commonwealth’ or ‘Dialogic’ Review; Deliberative Democracy; Trial by Jury
Defty Andrew University of Lincoln adefty[at]lincoln
Dixon Ruth Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford Ruth.dixon[at]queens[dot]ox[dot]ac[dot]uk Process of legislation, Public administration, Civil servants and other public officials


Dodeigne Jérémy Université de Liège and Université catholique de Louvain j.dodeigne[at]
Candidate selection; Legislative careers; Career patterns in multi-level systems; Parliamentary institutionalisation; Regional Parliaments
Dommett Katherine University of Sheffield k.dommett[at]
Donovan Mark Cardiff University donovan[at]cardiff
Party systems; Italian government and politics
Dorey Pete Cardiff University dorey[at]cardiff
Parliamentary Reform (particularly House of Lords); Select Committees; British Conservatism; Voting Behaviour
Dunleavy Patrick London School of Economics p.dunleavy[at]lse
Parliamentary reform; Democratization of parliament; House of Lords reform and electoral systems for new Senate; Impact of electoral reform on MPs’ behaviour.
Dreyer Philipp London School of Economic p[dot]dreyer
Electoral rules, representation, coalition government, agenda setting
Egan Mark States of Jersey m[dot]egan
Historical development of parliaments; History of procedure; How Parliaments Work; Digital development
Ehsan Mohammad ehsan.dalhousie[at]
Ejnar Hansen Martin Brunel University Martin.hansen[at]
Parliamentary voting; Committees; Parliamentary parties; Constitutional convention; Denmark
Ellis Eloise University of East Anglia eloise.ellis[at]uea
Constitutional Reform; Parliamentary Scrutiny; Select Committees; The UK & the EU
Escoda Gracia Antonio London Metropolitan University Raspeig2[at]
Political Parties

Human Rights Legislation; Public Policies; European Union and UK;  decision making processes

Evans Adam University of Cardiff EvansAB1[at]
Evans Elizabeth University of Bristol Elizabeth.evans[at]
Gender and politics; Political representation; Feminist movement (UK and US); Elections (UK and US); Political Parties (UK and US)
Ferry Maylis Sciences Po Bordeaux Maylis[dot]
The production of norms through Parliament ; Memory issues ; The codification of the past as teaching contents ; History of slavery ; Comparative sociology
Field Bonnie Bentley University bfield[at]bentley[dot]edu Political institutions, parliamentary politics, political parties, territorial politics, minority governments
Fielding Steven University of Nottingham steven.fielding[at]
Finlayson Alan University of East Anglia a.finlayson[at]uea
Rhetoric – including Parliamentary rhetoric; The ‘concept’ of Parliament/Parliamentarism; Democratic Theory; The dissemination of political ‘ideas’ in and around Parliamentary and Party politics
Flinders Matthew University of Sheffield m.flinders[at]
Fowler Brigid Hansard Society Brigid[dot]fowler
UK Parliament and Brexit, parliamentary scrutiny of foreign policy
Fox Ruth Hansard Society[at]hansardsociety
Fuller Liam University of Aberdeen Liam.fuller.11[at]
Gains Francesca University of Manchester Francesca.Gains[at]
Public Policy; Gender and policy; Regulation policies; Representation; Political management
Geddes Marc University of Edinburgh marc.geddes[at]
select committees, role conception, parliamentary scrutiny, interpretivism, evidence, scientific advice
Gilling Ana School of Politics, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ ana.gilling[at]
Gender, Parliament, political power, identity politics, feminist institutionalism
Goodwin Mark Cambridge University mrg53[at]cam
The UK Parliament; Public Policy in the UK; Public Administration in the UK; Schools policy; Human biotechnology policy
Gover Daniel QMU d.p.gover[at]
British Parliament
Green Jane University of Manchester[at]
joined online – emailed form 11/03
Greene Zachary zacgreene[at]
Griffiths Sue Global Partners Governance sue[at]gpgovernance
Parliaments; Parliamentary assistance; Political parties; Constitutions
Gwiazda Anna King’s College London anna[dot]
European politics; Eastern Europe; Polish Parliament; democratic quality; women’s parliamentary representation
Hand Robert rhand2_bosnia[at]
Hayton Richard University of Leeds R.Hayton[at]
British politics; party politics; political leadership; national identity
Hazell Robert Constitution Unit r.hazell[at]ucl
Select Committees; The Judiciary and Parliament; Parliamentary scrutiny of senior public appointments; Reform of the House of Lords; Minority and coalition government
Herbert Stephen Scottish Parliament Stephen[dot]
Parliamentary scrutiny; Devolution; Inter-governmental relations; Multi-level governance; Parliamentary Committees
Horne Alexander UK Parliament Hornea[at]
Parliament; Human Rights; Constitutional Law
Hudson Jennifer UCL jennifer.hudson
Public opinion, campaigns and elections, candidates and MPs, party finance
Itzkovitch-Malka Reut The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Reut.itzko[at]
Political parties; Party unity; Political representation; Electoral systems; Women representation
Jancic Davor Queen Mary, University of London D[dot]Jancic[at]
National parliaments in the EU; European Parliament; US Congress; parliaments and foreign affairs; parliamentary diplomacy; EU and comparative constitutional law
James Toby University of East Anglia T.S.James[at]
Jeffery David Queen Mary University of London d.m.j.jeffery[at]
Conservative Party; Liverpool politics; British elections; British political history; Comparative politics
Jenny Marcelo University of Vienna Marcelo.jenny[at]
Parliamentary politics; Parties; Electoral behaviour
John Peter University College London peter.john[at]
Johnson Craig craig.johnson1[at]
Judge David University of Strathclyde d[dot]judge[at]
Political representation, parliamentarism, parliamentary democracy, parliamentary challenges
Kelly James Concordia University James[dot]Kelly
Parliamentary bills of rights; Human rights scrutiny committees; Ministerial statements of compatibility/incompatibility
Kelly Richard House of Commons library kellyrj[at]
Parliament; Members of Parliament; Parliamentary procedure; Parliamentary reform; Select committees
Kelso Alix University of Southampton a.kelso[at]soton
Kenny Caroline Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology kennyc[at]
The use of research in policy and practice; Parliament; Political analysis; British politics
Kilheeney Emma University of Manchester/Manchester Grammar School emma.kilheeney[at]
British Politics- Governance, Parliament, the Core Executive and Constitutional reform;  Irish and Northern Irish Politics;  Anglo-Irish relations
Kitchen Ashley University of Westminster A[dot]kitchen[at]
Political representation; Feminism; Violence against women; United Kingdom politics
Kjaer Ulrik University of Southern Denmark ulk[at]sam[dot]
Political recruitment; Elite circulation; Local councils; Women in legislatures ; Committee assignments
Kolpinskaya Ekaterina University of Exeter E.Kolpinskaya
Political representation; Parliamentary behaviour; British politics; Minority studies; Mixed methods
Korris Matt House of Lords korrism[at]
Parliamentary procedures; Legislative process; Select committees; Parliamentary public engagement; Representation and the work of elected representatives;
Koss Michael Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich mkoss[at]gsi
Agenda control, parliamentary procedure, parliamentary change
Kovács Attila Corvinus University of Budapest attila.kovacs4
European Parliament; Amendment analysis, legislative influence; Co-decision procedure; EU inter-institutional relations; Common Agricultural Policy; EU agriculture
Krauss Ellis ekrauss[at]
Kumarasingham Harshan harshan.kumarasingham
Kuta Martin University of Economics, Prague martin.kuta[at]
Parliamentary politics, PPGs, Voting behaviour
Lahel Amarjit Aston University a.lahel1[at]aston
Political leadership; Political culture; Political institutions; Media; Ideology
Lawlor Andrea King’s Univeristy College, Western University Andrea[dot]
Political institutions, Canadian/comparative public policy, media analysis, political methodology
Larkin Phil University of Canberra Phil.larkin[at]
Parliament and policy process; Parliamentary committees; British parliament; Scottish parliament; Australian parliament
Laugharne Peter London Metropolitan University p.laugharne[at]
Legislative committees, legislatures and external expertise, legislative oratory, Twentieth Century British legislative history.
Laurence Smyth Liam House of Commons (UK) laurencesmythlc[at]
The legislative process, parliamentary privilege, international parliamentary strengthening
Lees-Marshment Jennifer j.lees-marshment[at]
Leston-Bandeira Cristina University of Hull c.leston-bandeira[at]
Parliament and citizens; Parliamentary public engagement; Comparative legislatures; Newly democratic parliaments
Lever Annabelle annabelle.lever
Levy Gary Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) gary.levy[at]
parliamentary conventions; reform of upper house; electoral systems and referenda
Little Conor University of Copenhagen conorlittle[at]
Lowe David European Parliament davidnormanlowe[at]
Parliaments & Legislatures; Petitions and participatory democracy; European Politics; French Politics; Comparative Politics
MacCarthaigh Muiris Queens University Belfast m.maccarthaigh[at]
Legislatures; Public administration; Irish Politics; Political-administrative relationships; Accountability Studies
Macgregor Steven University of Aberdeen stevenmacgregor[at]
Parliaments; Public Policy
Maclachlan Karolina karolina.maclachlan[at]
Macleod Iain i.macleod1[at]rgu
Madhava Manisha Jain University, Bangalore, India m.manisha[at]gmail
Parliament and Legislative Studies; Democracy; Electoral Studies
Maguire Daniel dpjmaguire[at]
Mann Daniel University of Leeds d.e.mann[at]leeds
Marcitllach Alejandro Olmos European Central Bank olmosma[at]ecb[dot]
europa[dot]eu /  alexolmos[at]
Disaffection between parliaments and citizens; Party discipline in parliamentary groups; Parliament vs. Government; Legislative vs. non legislative actions of parliaments; Expertise vs. lobby influence in Parliamentary Committees
Margaritis Konstantinos National and Kapodistrian University of Athens konstantinos_margaritis
Constitutional Law; European Public Law; Mechanisms of Fundamental Rights’ Protection; Constitutional History
Martin Tristan Newcastle University t.martin2[at]
UK Conservative Party in Westminster and European Parliaments;  European policy and Euroscepticism in Westminster/Brussels.; British Politics and European policy/integration.
Martin Shane University of Leicester Shane.g.martin[at]
Western European Parliaments; Legislative Organization; The Electoral Connection; Irish Politics
McGrath Francesca francesca.mcgrath[at]
McGrath Gareth gareth.mcgrath[at]
McNulty Tony Queen Mary University of London tonyjmcnulty[at]
Elections; British, US and European Party Politics; Government and Governance; Leadership; Public Participation
Meakin Alexandra University of Sheffield a.meakin[at]sheffield[dot]ac[dot]uk UK Parliament – in particular internal governance, select committees and relationship between government and parliament.
Midgley Henry   midgley.henry[at]
Early modern Parliament- in particularly during the interregnum and reformation; Political theory of Parliamentary legislatures especially as they relate to conceptions of sovereignty eg through the thought of Hobbes; Parliamentary history (both medieval and modern); The actual operation of Parliament in particular select committees and their workings
Moore Alfred CRASSH, University of Cambridge alfredmoore[at]
Political theory
Deliberative democracy
Morgan David Open University jdavidmorgan[at]
UK Parliament; US Congress; Whips & Whipping Organisations; Congressional/Parliamentary Ethics
Moseley Alice University of Exeter, Dept of Politics A.Moseley[at]
Public Policy/ Public Administration; Democratic Renewal; Civic participation; Behaviour change; Organisation of public services
Mulley Jessica House of Commons mulleyj[at]
Parliamentary history, buildings and behaviours; Parliamentary law, the sovereign and sovereignty; Parliamentary procedures; Parliament and the Courts; Parliaments, extra-parliamentary activity and national identities
Murphy Mary maryc.murphy[at]
Murray Rainbow Queen Mary University of London rainbowmurray[at]
gender quotas, representation, France, parliamentary committees, parliamentary questions
Neal Andrew andrew.neal[at]ed
Nemec Jan University of Economics, Prague, Department of Political Science & Parliamentary Institute, Office of the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic janemec[at]centrum
[dot]cz /  nemecj[at]vse
[dot]cz / nemecj[at]psp
Legislative and parliamentary studies; Comparative politics; Latin American politics
Norman Alex University of Leeds Ptan[at]leeds[dot]ac[dot]uk Subterritorial legislatures; The Concept of representation; Indigeneity; Canadian Politics.


Norton Philip University of Hull[at]hull
British Parliament – structures, procedures, behaviour; Comparative legislatures; UK Constitution; British Conservative Party
Onate Pablo University of Valencia, Spain pablo.onate[at]
Legislatures; Parliamentary elites;Political Parties; Political behavior
Or Nick (Hin-Kin) University of Southampton nickhkor[at]gmail
Public Policy; Policy Agendas; Legislative Politics; Time Series Data; Hong Kong
Owens John University of Westminster owensj[at]
United States Congress; Legislative leadership; Legislative parties; Executive-legislative relations; Comparative legislative studies
Parlour Steve Steve[at]parlour
Peele Gillian gillian.peele[at]
Partos Rebecca rp215[at]sussex
Power Greg GP Governance Greg[at]gpgovernance
Reform and Institutional change; Leg-Exec relations; Constituency Work & Representation; Oversight; Committees
Prior Alex University of Leeds Ptamp[at]leeds
Political engagement; Young people in politics; Digital democracy; Parliamentary outreach & education; Political representation
Purvis Matthew House of Lords library purvism[at]parliament
British Politics and Constitution, Parliament, especially House of Lords
Ramos Vielba Irene form sent by CCLB ramosvielba[at]hotmail
form sent by CCLB
Reid Chris Queen Mary, University of London  c.g.p.reid[at]qmul
Political rhetoric and oratory; Parliamentary oratory; Rhetorical culture of the eighteenth-century House of Commons
Reid Richard Australian National University Richard[dot]reid
House of Lords; Parliamentary Committees; Legislative Reform; Australian Parliament; Public Administration
Richards Dave University of Manchester dave.richards[at]
State Transformation; Public Administration; Public Policy; Governance; Political Biography
Roulston Carmel University of Ulster mcm.roulston[at]
Women in Politics; Gender issues in societies emerging from conflict.
Rouse Michelle Ulster University Rouse-M[at]email[dot]
Feminist Institutionalism; Post conflict institutions; Gender and transitional justice; Gender and Institutional reform; Devolution and constitutional reform
Ruiz de Garibay Daniel ruizdegaribay[at]
Rush Michael University of Exeter michael.rush4[at]
Political recruitment: socio-economic background & career patterns of MPs; History & development of Parliament; Legislative committees; Pressure politics and Parliament
Russell Meg University College London meg.russell[at]ucl
Saalfeld Thomas University of Bamberg thomas.saalfeld[at]
Parliamentary parties; representation; ethnic-minority MPs in Germany; parliamentary voting; executive-legislative relations
Sagarzazu Inaki University of Glasgow Inaki.sagarzazu
Political Parties; Political Communications; Legislative behavior; Latin American politics; Comparative politics
Saint Naomi Parliament’s Outreach Service, Houses of Parliament saintn[at]parliament
Schonhardt-Bailey Cheryl LSE c.m.schonhardt-bailey
Oversight committees (US, UK), deliberation, monetary policy, automated textual analysis, political economy
Schwanholz Julia Department of Political Science, University of Goettingen, Germany julia.schwanholz[at]sowi
Political Systems, Parliaments,New Media; Welfare States
Scully Roger Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University scullyrm[at]Cardiff
Devolution; National Assembly for Wales; Political Representation; European Parliament
Seaward Paul History of Parliament PSeaward[at]
Parliament and the History of Parliament; Political thought
Seo Dennis University of Exeter tejerry36[at]
Legislative Organisation; Policy Impact of the Legislature; Legislative Staff; Legislative Process
Serban Ruxandra UCL ruxandra.serban.13
Comparative legislative-executive relations; Parliamentary questions; Mixed methods research
Seyd Ben University of Kent B.J.Seyd[at]kent
Public attitudes to politicians and political institutions
Sheils Christopher St Columba’s College, St Albans




Northern Ireland Assembly; Dáil reform (Rep Ireland lower house); Select committees; House of Lords reform


Sheldon Jack Constitution Unit, UCL j[dot]sheldon[at]
Options for an English Parliament, UK Parliament
Shenga Carlos Higher Institute of Public Administration (ISAP), Maputo, Mozambique cshenga[at]
Elections, democracy, legislative development, political institutions and governance
Shephard Mark University of Strathclyde mark.shephard[at]
Parliaments; Social media; Elections; Parties; Public Opinion
Silk Paul House of Commons [R] Paulsilk[at]aol
Scrutiny in Committee; Legislative process; Parliamentary Administration
Simson-Caird Jack University of Sussex J[dot]a[dot]Simson-
Committees; The legislative process; Constitutional law; Legal advice in Parliament; Second chambers
Sledmore Stefan sledmore[at]blenheim
Smith Donna The Open University donna.smith[at]
Constitutional and voting reform (including notions of legitimacy); Voting records; Politics and media/privacy/press regulation
Smith Rodney rodney.smith[at]
Snagovsky Feodor Australian National University Feodor[dot]
Political careers, political staff, legislator party switching, ministerial appointment
Spary Carole University of Nottingham Carole.Spary[at]
Stafford Max University of Winchester max[dot]stafford
Political Leadership; Women’s political issues and representation; Cities within International Relations; British Politics; Global Governance
Steinack Katrin katrins[at]unimelb[dot]
Stirbu Diana d.stirbu[at]
Strelkov Alexander Maastricht University a.strelkov[at]
maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl / alexander.a.strelkov[at]
Parliamentary scrutiny of EU affairs; Inter-parliamentary cooperation; National parliaments and ENP
Stuart Mark University of Nottingham Mark.Stuart[at]
Parliamentary Voting Behaviour; British Political Parties; Political Biography; British Political History Since 1945; Legislatures
Tacea Angela Sciences Po Paris Angela.tacea[at]
National parliaments and the European integration; Legislatures and public policy; Comparative institutional systems; Executive-legislative relation
Talbot Colin University of Manchester colin.talbot[at]
Tassiopoulos Georges tassiopoulosgeorges[at]
Thomas Alys Research Service, National Assembly for Wales alys.thomas[at]wales
Providing specialist advice on the Assembly; devolution; the UK constitution; Welsh, UK and EU legislation; governance; subordinate legislation; elections; and referendums.
Thomas Owen odt201[at]ex[dot]ac
Thomas  Anja anja.thomas[at]
Thomas Paul Carleton University Paul[dot]Thomas
Legislative studies; Cross-party cooperation; MP behaviour; Canadian politics; Religion and politics
Thompson Louise University of Surrey louise.thompson[at]
UK Parliament; Committees; Constitutional Reform; Engagement; British Politics
Thomson Jennifer QMU jennifercthomson[at]
Gender, Northern  Ireland, British politics, Multi-level governance, anti-politics
Tibúrcio Tiago Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology – University Institute of Lisbon (CIES-IUL) tiagotib[at]gmail
Parliaments; Petitions; Political participation; Oversight powers
Ting Wang Leung London School of Economics W[dot]l[dot]ting
Legislative Behaviour; Political Recruitment; Legislators’ Career Background
Turner Michael michael.turner[at]
Tutt Brian b.tutt[at]londonmet
Tuttnauer Or Hebrew University of Jerusalem or.tuttnauer[at]
Political Parties; Parliaments; Political Opposition; Electoral Politics
Vigour Cécile French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) / Sciences Po Bordeaux c.vigour[at]
Emailed form 10/03
Walker Aileen Freelance consultant AileenWalkerUK
Public engagement, Parliamentary strengthening/assistance, Digital democracy
Watts Jake University of Sussex j[dot]t[dot]watts
Parties; Democracy/Democratic Theory; British Politics; Party Organisation; The British Left
Weinberg Jeffrey jweinberg[at]omb
Weinberg James Sheffield University Jweinberg1[at]
Personality in politics; Democracy and elections; Party politics
Weston Elin King’s College London elin[dot]weston
The legislative process; human rights in the legislative process; the UK Parliament; constitutional law
Whitaker Richard Leicester University rcw11[at]leicester
European Parliament, committees, national parties and European integration
Whiteley Paul whiteley[at]essex
Wood Daniel Houses of Parliament wooddan[at]
Parliament: Public engagement in politics
Wood Matthew University of Sheffield m.wood[at]
Anti-politics; Digital democracy; Accountability; Political engagement; Legitimacy
Worthy Ben Birkbeck, University of London b.worthy[at]bbk
Zisis Ioannis University of Hull i.zisis[at]hull[dot]ac[dot]uk Social Media & e-Deliberation; Online Participation & Citizen Representation; European Parliament & MEPs; Political Branding


Zwinkels Tomas ICS / University of Groningen t.l.a.zwinkels[at]
political careers; political networks; longitudinal statistics; political sociology