About the Group and Contact Information

This group focuses on the study of parliament and our members include single country specialists as well as those with comparative interests. Our research encompasses questions about executive-legislative relations, scrutiny, organisation and procedure, committees, institutional change and reform, parliamentary parties, representation, parliamentary careers, public engagement and trust.

Our members work on a wide range of legislatures, at national, sub-national and supra-national levels of governance, and encompass both modern and historical perspectives, as well as qualitative and quantitative approaches. The specialist group supports members in their research and promotes the exchange of ideas through conferences, workshops, publications and the group’s blog.

The Group Convenors are Marc Geddes (marc.geddes@ed.ac.uk) and Louise Thompson (Louise.Thompson@surrey.ac.uk). The Communications Officer (who manages this website) is Alexandra Meakin (a.meakin@sheffield.ac.uk). Our Treasurer is Seán Haughey (haughey@liverpool.ac.uk).

Membership and Constitution

We welcome all academics with a research interest in parliament or in areas linked to parliament, to join the group. This includes teachers and postgraduate students. Membership is also open to practitioners working in or with parliamentary institutions at a national, sub-national or supra-national level. We also welcome members from outside the UK. For more information on how to join, please click here.

The group’s constitution is available to read here.

Annual Reports

The group’s annual report will be made available here at a later date.

Website Content

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