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We publish blogs on parliaments or legislatures each week, and always welcome new posts addressing topical issues or sharing new research. We also welcome blog posts or ideas from practitioners working within a parliament or legislature (for example, the inside look at the House of Lords Library by Matthew Purvis). Our blog includes posts on legislatures from across the globe, at national, sub-national and supra-national levels of governance. Have an idea for a blog? Contact us at

We are very keen to increase the diversity of contributions to our blog, in particular, the number of blogs we publish from women, or people of colour. Blog submissions from early career researchers are also especially welcome. If you have an idea for a blog and would like to discuss it further, please get in touch with our blog editor, Alexandra Meakin, at:

We also publish overviews of national parliaments. Check out our current list, and contact us if you would like to contribute.


If you’re on Twitter, you’ll know that we have a twitter account: @psa_parl. We are always happy to tweet/retweet news about our members’ work with parliament, so do copy us in, or use the hashtag #PSAParliaments, which we check regularly.

We welcome members tweeting from our own account for a day to cover specific events. If you (or one of your students) would like to cover a specific event through our Twitter account for a day, please get in touch with us. A few ideas: State Opening of Parliament, the new devolved legislatures, Prime Minister’s Questions, a specific select committee hearing, a specific debate/vote, a conference/workshop on parliaments and legislatures, etc., etc. – it’s whatever you would like to cover as long as it is relevant to the study and understanding of parliament(s). If you want to do this, please get in touch with us!

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