Newsletter, 13 July 2015

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Hello everyone,

A quick newsletter today. Please see information below on the following:

  1. Call for panels and/or papers for PSA 2016 annual conference (Brighton)
  2. PhD Methods Workshop, a great success
  3. Presentation of our Essay Competition by the Clerk of the House
  4. Voucher for new book on Making British Law
  5. On the blog

If you have any notices / messages you would like us to circulate to the group, let us know – it could be about disseminating an event, new research, new publication etc. Please avoid sending attachments; where possible, we would prefer circulating more substantive information through web links instead.

Best wishes,
Cristina (@estrangeirada), Louise (@louiseVThompson) and Marc (@marcgeddes)
PSA Parliaments and Legislatures Specialist Group

1. PSA Annual Conference 2016: Call for papers and/or panels

Following on from our successful events and panels at this year’s PSA Conference, we hope to have an equally successful series of panels at the 2016 Annual Conference, which will be held in Brighton on 21st -23rd March 2016.  The group should be able to run three or four panels at the conference.

If you would be interested in presenting an individual paper as part of our specialist group panel, please complete this online paper proposal form, with an abstract of no more than 250 words by Thursday 1st October 2015. We will then be in touch by 8th October to let you know if your paper has been successful.

If you would be interested in putting together a panel for the conference, or if you would like to suggest a panel theme, please complete this online panel proposal form by 1st September 2015.

This call is open to all members of the group. Postgraduate students who wish to present would be eligible to apply to the PSA Postgraduate Access Fund for financial support to attend the conference.

2. PhD Methods Workshop

We held our workshop for PhD students on research methods in legislative studies last 25 of June at the University of Leeds. The day included talks on qualitative, mixed and quantitative methods to study Parliament, from Emma Crewe (SOAS), Louise Thompson (Surrey) and Peter Allen (Queen Mary), as well as an interactive session between participants on the challenges in developing research on Parliament. The day finished with a talk from the UK Parliament’s Outreach Service. We’ve received excellent feedback on this event and hope to run more events specifically aimed at PhD students in the future. Please read here for a more detailed account of the day. And this Storify link illustrates how the day unfolded.

3. Clerk of the House presents our Essay competition prize

As we announced recently, our 2015 Essay Competition was awarded to Andrew Jones, from Leicester University, submitted by Richard Whitaker. We are very pleased to say that the prize of £150 was presented to Andrew by the Clerk of the House, David Natzler, last 29 of June in the Houses of Parliament. You can view more details here.

4. Voucher for New book on Making British Law

Louise Thompson’s book Making British Law: Committees in Action is published on 12th August. The book sheds light on the hidden world of House of Commons bill committees as they scrutinise government legislation. Palgrave are offering a 30% discount on copies ordered through their website until 31st August 2015.  Just enter the code PM15THIRTY or email

5. Recently on the blog

EVEL: ‘A major moment in the constitutional history of these islands’, by Michael Kenny

EVEL and Democratic Reform, by Michael Keating

Post-legislative scrutiny in the UK Parliament: identifying a research agenda, by Thomas Caygill


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